How to Move Around Minute Documents

The Minute documents contain hyperlinks to all Reports and Appendices relating to the particular Minute.

When you first access a Minute the screen will display as a split screen.  The left side of the screen contains "bookmarks" which are labelled with the headings of Reports.  The right side of the screen displays the Minute text.

To move to a heading click on the bookmark with the relevant Report heading.  The right side of the screen will instantly move to the appropriate location in the Minute document.  A heading that appears in blue text indicates a hyperlink is available.  Click on the blue text to access the Report.  Use the back button in your Browser to go back to the Minute.

A "plus sign" next to a bookmark indicates that there are other documents associated with the Report.  Click on the "plus sign" to view the available bookmarks.  Click on the bookmark to access Appendices to Reports. Again, use the back button in your Browser to go back to the Minute.

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